I wrote this song to say thank you to the boys who stormed the French beaches during World War Two. During my work I treat the feet and lower legs of some of the Operation Overlord boys and some of them still have the scars and Shrapnel as a daily reminder of what they did.

This song has been rattling around in my head for a few years now and it was during a trip to the War Museum in Trafford Park ( you must visit it ) with the Nephew that the song first started to form.

This is the Fourth upload of this song in various stages of completeness but this version has been very kindly sound engineered by Nick Steed.

I didn’t intend this song to be an electronic performance at all but after writing the lyrics i found a grouping of sounds on the synth that just seemed to work. I switched on the arpeggiator and played a chord progression to the beat and arrived at almost the finished performance. The voice didn’t fit the aura of the sound so I ran my voice through a vocorder on the Mox6 and it seemd to gel with the music. This is my third tweak and re upload of this song as I try to improve my composing and sound engineering skills.